Data Management and Communications (DMAC) Committee


  • Serve as the standards and protocols-making body for SECOORA’s internal and external data management (DM) and information management (IM) activities, including development of a viable DM/IM architecture, technical product identification, and the coordination/implementation of the SECOORA Data Management Plan.
  • Oversee support and adjudicate resource contention issues within the Data Management Coordinating Committee (DMCC), a working group that will execute the technical tasks associated with the policies developed by the DMAC-ODP, Board of Directors, and regional stakeholders.
  • Maintain and coordinate the Ocean Data Partnership with a specific goal of engaging regional data providers and other participants who might be outside the membership.
  • Promote regional and national interoperability by evaluating, recommending, documenting, developing, and implementing data quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC) procedures, standards, services and serve as the liaison to the national level DMAC and with the DM elements of other IOOS RAs.
  • The Chair will facilitate input from the committee to provide guidance and review of proposals written on behalf of SECOORA. 

(B) Signifies Board of Directors member

Kathleen O'Keife (B), Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

Chuanmin Hu, University of Miami
Dwayne Porter, University of South Carolina
Justin Davis, University of Florida
Keqi Zhang, Florida International University
Matt Howard, GCOOS
Scott Cross, NOAA NCDDC
Steve Woll (B), WeatherFlow

Vembu Subramanian, SECOORA