Science Committee


  • Develop a science plan for SECOORA. This plan will define, in broad terms, the coastal ocean scientific issues facing the SECOORA region. The science plan should be kept consistent with national guidelines and the IOOS societal goals.
  • Keep the science plan for SECOORA current, by modifying, refining and adding to the existing plan as SECOORA efforts progress.
  • Provide oversight for ensuring instrumentation and observation schemes in the SECOORA region are consistent with national and international OOS scientific recommendations.
  • Interface with other SECOORA committees to insure fidelity of the science plan with the broader SECOORA charge, such as service to stakeholders.
  • The Chair will facilitate input from the committee to provide guidance and review of proposals written on behalf of SECOORA. 

Members  (B) Signifies Board of Directors member

Lynn Leonard (B), University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Alan Leonardi, NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
Alex Soloviev, Nova Southeastern University
Bob Weisberg, University of South Florida College of Marine Science
Dwayne Porter, University of South Carolina
George Maul, Florida Institute of Technology
George Voulgaris (B), University of South Carolina
J.P. Walsh, East Carolina University
Joe Boyer, Florida International University Southeast Environmental Research Center
Peter Sheng, University of Florida
Roger Pugliese (B), South Atlantic Fishery Management Council
Ruoying He (B), North Carolina State University
Dennis Hanisak, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

Vembu Subramanian, SECOORA