Our Eyes on the Southeast's ocean and coastal waters

SECOORA Email Observation Alert System

Do you have a favorite buoy you check every day for before fishing or boating? Are you a scientist interested in when the temperature goes below a certain level in an area because of the biological implications? If so, this is the tool for you. The SECOORA Email Observation Alert System allows you to select a platform and to sign up for a single parameter or a combination of parameters that pertain to your specific application (for example, temperature and dissolved oxygen within a range) and have alerts delivered to your inbox when those specifications.

This form allows you to create a single alert or a combination of observations you would like to be alerted on.

  1. First, choose a platform from the Platform dropdown list.
  2. Next, enter in the email address you want the alert sent to.
  3. Click the check box next to the observation or observations and enter the value for each observation to be exceeded.
    • For instance, from the Platform droplist choose "carocoops.CAP2.buoy - CAROCOOPS CAP2, Capers Island Nearshore, SC"
  4. Now click the box next to wind_from_direction and enter value of 100 degrees true and click the box next to wind_speed and enter value of 10 mph.
    • You would then be alerted when wind_from_direction exceeds 100 degrees and wind_speed exceeds 10mph.


Disclaimer: Data to be used at your own risk. These realtime data are considered provisional. At no point have the data been reviewed or edited and data errors can and will be displayed online. Errors can occur due to a variety of reasons including biological fouling or physical damage to the sensors.