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January 4, 2011

SECOORA Introduces New Ways to Explore Coastal Data and Models

SECOORA recently updated its Interactive Map to increase the usability and access to near real time observation information.  This update includes integration of bathymetry and nautical charts and expanded parameter graphing capabilities.  The interactive map includes an icon link to an email observation alert system (select a platform and click the mail icon at the bottom of the pop-up window) which allows you to sign up for a single parameter or a combination of parameters that pertain to your specific application (for example, temperature and dissolved oxygen within a range) and have alerts delivered to your email when specifications are met at a particular asset.  The interactive map also includes data query and graphing (select a platform and click the database icon at the bottom of the pop-up window) for recent data initially and longer-term archival data in the future.

 We also recently released a simple-to-use Model Explorer that exposes SECOORA member model output for the region.  The site leverages the same toolset that the new SECOORA interactive map uses:  OpenLayers, GeoExt, and ExtJs.  The model metadata can be searched via Google-like free-text through the application.  By properly applying keywords to the datasets in the database, searches for 'water temp' & 'water temperature' will expose datasets having to do with 'sea surface temperature', for example.  The system currently only has SABGOM and ADCIRC available but will be augmented by additional model outputs as modelers become ready.