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Additional Links of Interest

Additional links of interest

  • George Maul, from FIT, provides an overview of the Gulf Loop Current
  • is a new online tool that provides you with near-real time information about the response effort. Developed by NOAA with the EPA, U.S. Coast Guard, and the Department of Interior, the site offers you a “one-stop shop” for spill response information
  • As used throughout Horizon Marine's Eddy Watch – Gulf of Mexico service, GPS drifting buoys were deployed in support of the oil spill trajectory forecasting effort.  Each buoy is drogued at various lengths to measure ocean current velocity throughout the upper portion of the water column.  This data has been made publicly available for any organization in need of acquiring additional data to help determine the future migration of the slick.  View the data as an image or in downloadable formats here,, or view a live data stream representation suitable for Google Earth here,