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Board Development Committee

Role as documented in the bylaws:

Section 2.  Board Policy Committees. Policy Committees shall be established and serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and regularly report on their activities to the Board. Policy committees shall be chaired by a Board member and may be comprised of both Board members or other institutional or sustaining members. These committees and their responsibilities shall include:

a.   Board Development Committee

  • Establish criteria and processes for Board elections, accept nominations, screen prospective nominees, and provide a slate of candidates to the members for approval.
  • Develop the annual Board ballot and coordinate circulation to the membership, allowing ample time for consideration of all candidates and resolution of any technical problems.
  • Establish procedures for determining winners of Board elections and handling any disputed election results.
  • Establish procedures governing candidates conduct regarding election campaigns.
  • Design and implement a Board evaluation process.

(B) Signifies Board of Directors member