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Boats, Buoys, and Science Teachers: A Winning Combination!

How to create a week long summer physical science workshop to introduce SECOORA science concepts to middle and high school teachers and provide them with training and resources needed to use SECOORA science data products in the classroom. The workshop consists of inquiry based activities coordinated around three distinct events: an introduction to buoy technology, a research cruise, and opportunities to interface with the SECOORA website. Teachers take part in local tours and observe onboard activities such as buoy monitoring, maintenance, and deployment followed by opportunities to share what they have learned, discuss best teaching practices, and develop activities using SECOORA science and data as the foundation for the creation of classroom inquiry based experiences.

Your workshop creator and coordinator: Cyndy Leard, M.Ed., Education Specialist, COSEE Florida

Workshop OverviewResearch Cruise Video HighlightsLesson PlansWorkshop ManualCOOS Overview

Workshop Overview: Boats, Buoys, and Science Teachers: A Winning Combination!

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This presentation gives an overview of a pilot workshop conducted during Summer 2004. View the presentation to learn about workshop events, teacher participants, and outcomes.

 Buoy Maintenance: Research Cruise Streaming Video Highlights

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Come aboard the RV Suncoaster as teachers explore SECOORA science firsthand. Share the experience as teachers observe buoy retrieval, deployment, and instrument exchange operations while interacting with research scientists and the ship’s crew.

Lesson Plans Developed in the Pilot Workshop

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Teachers participating in the workshop developed lesson plans from their experiences on a research cruise:


SECOORA Summer Physical Science Workshop Manual

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A “how to” manual designed to help COOS educators recreate the SECOORA Summer Physical Science Workshop Pilot Program titled "Boats, Buoys, and Science Teachers: A Winning Combination!"

This manual helps COOS educators design a workshop similar to the Boats, Buoys, and Science Teachers pilot program based on SECOORA science. The materials within this manual are designed to be revised and adapted to your needs.

Coastal Ocean Observing Systems Overview

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This presentation was used as part of the Boats, Buoys, and Science Teachers workshop to introduce teachers to coastal ocean observing systems. This simplified format could be adapted for classroom use as teachers explain COOS to their students.