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Buoy Maintenance: Research Cruise Videos

Come aboard the RV Suncoaster as teachers explore SECOORA science firsthand. Share the experience as teachers observe buoy retrieval, deployment, and instrument exchange operations while interacting with research scientists and the ship’s crew.

Your workshop creator and coordinator: Cyndy Leard, M.Ed., Education Specialist, COSEE Florida
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Instrument packages need to be replaced

When sensors begin to fail, buoys and their instrument packages need to be replaced. This is part of a routine maintenance process. Come along on the RV Suncoaster as we watch research scientists retrieve a buoy. See science in action, feel the waves, and witness the force of Mother Nature. (6:06 minute clip.)

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New sensors are attached to a buoy


During a buoy and instrument exchange, new sensors are attached to the buoy. The buoy is then deployed from the ship. Watch as heavy equipment and modern technology accomplish this task. (1:27 minute clip.)


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What kind of data is collected?

Instrument packages fastened to the buoy are used to collect data. What kind of data is collected? How is it collected? Who uses this data? Join us in the shipboard lab as a research scientist answers our questions. (2:36 minute clip.)
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A simple instrument exchange

Nothing is routine when dealing with real world science. Experience a simple instrument exchange that becomes anything but routine as darkness falls and waves heighten. (4:14 minute clip.)
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Teachers onboard the RV Suncoaster

Visit with our teachers onboard the RV Suncoaster. Learn more about their experiences and how they use coastal ocean observing systems science to teach their science classes. (4:05 minute clip.)

Scott Lewis highlights the life sciences with ecological studies.

Winnie Wilson focuses her attention on chemistry and the water column.

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A music video

Find out what it is like to be a member of the team that is responsible for buoy maintenance as we take a closer look at life aboard a research vessel. (1:54 minute clip.)

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All the above clips in one video

View the entire 21 minute long RealMedia streaming highlights video (all the above clips in one video). Portrays a day in the life of a research vessel during the deployment of a scientific buoy. Useful both for illustrating the seaward activities of the workshop and for classroom instruction. (20:56 minutes.)