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Data Management and Communications (DMAC) Committee


  • Serve as the standards and protocols-making body for SECOORA’s internal and external data management (DM) and information management (IM) activities, including development of a viable DM/IM architecture, technical product identification, and the coordination/implementation of the SECOORA Data Management Plan.
  • Oversee support and adjudicate resource contention issues within the Data Management Coordinating Committee (DMCC), a working group that will execute the technical tasks associated with the policies developed by the DMAC-ODP, Board of Directors, and regional stakeholders.
  • Maintain and coordinate the Ocean Data Partnership with a specific goal of engaging regional data providers and other participants who might be outside the membership.
  • Promote regional and national interoperability by evaluating, recommending, documenting, developing, and implementing data quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC) procedures, standards, services and serve as the liaison to the national level DMAC and with the DM elements of other IOOS RAs.
  • The Chair will facilitate input from the committee to provide guidance and review of proposals written on behalf of SECOORA. 

(B) Signifies Board of Directors member