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Education & Outreach Committee

To provide recommendations for strategies and activities that extend products and services of SECOORA from ocean observing information to education and outreach communities.

Target Audiences
Formal Education: Precollege teachers and their students with emphasis on generating interest-in and knowledge about our marine environment, technology and careers.

Formal Education: Undergraduate and Graduate students and faculty: emphasis on undergraduate marine science students that inform about ocean observing information, conducting investigations from observing data, addressing societal applications, and application of emerging technologies.

Informal Education: Collaboration with science centers, science museums, aquaria to develop programs including exhibits that inform the public and program attendees about ocean observing information, societal applications and technology.

Stakeholder Council: Through a formal liaison of E&O with Stakeholders Council and any thematic working group, E&O can contribute to outreach strategies and also development of products and services derived from SECOORA observing information.

Strategic Operating Plan
Provide input on the development and implementation of the Strategic Operating Plan relative to products and services targeted to identified audiences.

Operational Procedures
E&O Committee communicates with the Executive Director:

  • To provide reviews, recommendations on strategies and activities that would enhance education and outreach for SECOORA.
  • To recommend appropriate mechanisms for delivery.
  • To recommend and assist with identification of external funding or partnerships. 

 (B) Signifies Board of Directors member