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Governance Committee

Role as documented in the bylaws:

Section 2.  Board Policy Committees. Policy Committees shall be established and serve at the pleasure of the Board of Directors and regularly report on their activities to the Board. Policy committees shall be chaired by a Board member and may be comprised of both Board members or other institutional or sustaining members. These committees and their responsibilities shall include:

 b.  Governance Committee

  • Conduct a biennial review of the By-Laws so as to evaluate and recommend to the Board any revisions and/or corrections, if necessary, to ensure that they stay current and remain effective.
  • Circulate proposed By-Laws amendments to the full Board for review and approval.
  • Circulate Board-approved By-Laws amendments to the full membership for review and consideration prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • Coordinate motions related to the By-Laws at the Annual Meeting.
  • Recommend to the Board standards and guidelines for SECOORA Members as well other criteria for membership in SECOORA above and beyond the standards and criteria already set for full Members in the By-Laws.
  • In coordination with the SECOORA staff, recruit new members. 
  • Oversee procedures for member organization compliance with the standards and recommend any needed action to the full Board.
  • Review applications for membership if eligibility is in question and make recommendations to the full Board for review and approval.

(B) Signifies Board of Directors member