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Manual Overview

Download the entire manual as a Word Document

Dear COOS Educators,

This manual has been created to help you design a workshop similar to the Boats, Buoys, and Science Teachers pilot program based on SECOORA science. The materials within this manual are designed to be revised and adapted to your needs.

To most effectively use this manual, please begin by reviewing the Powerpoint section and the workshop agenda. These sections will familiarize you with the workshop purpose, objectives, and organization.

Next review the Planning Materials section. This section contains a timeline with details of the planning process and a checklist containing workshop details. Both documents contain bold italicized text. This text indicates materials that will be found in the manual. These materials include resources for notebooks, forms to be created and completed during the workshop development process, documents such as important information lists and templates for correspondence, and workshop signs. In addition, documents that may need to be customized to suit your needs contain red text indicating where changes could be made.

It is expected that this manual will change over time as we add resources to websites and develop lesson plans as with continue to educate the world about COOS science and its importance.

Good Luck and Smooth Sailing,

Cyndy Leard

Education Specialist

COSEE Florida