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May 28, 2014

SECOORA 2014 Annual Meeting Summary

 During one of the PI poster and sponsor breakout sessions, Peter Sheng shows his work he has been doing for SECOORA SECOORA 2014 Annual Meeting was a great success; it is recognized as our most successful meeting to date. SECOORA staff would like to thank everyone who participated, sponsored and attended our meeting. We could not have done this without you! The meeting was live tweeted under the hashtag #SECOORA14AnnualMeeting. Thank you to U.S. IOOS Program Office and participants who contributed to this feed. We showed everyone that SECOORA works!  New Board Members We would like to announce the 2014 Board Member election results:Lynn Leonard (UNC Wilmington): Academic/Research/Education Sector seatJim Nelson (UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography): Academic/Research/Education Sector seatTim Short (SRI International): Public Agencies/ Non-Profit/ Other Sector seatBill Hogarth (FIO): Florida At Large seatKathleen O’Keife (FWRI): Florida At Large seatPeter Hamilton (Leidos Corporation): Industry/ Private Sector seatCongratulations to Tim, Bill and Kathleen and welcome back Lynn, Peter and Jim.  Starting this year SECOORA staff will host a two-hour orientation webinar for Board members that will provide Board members with information on SECOORA staff operations and duties, as well as legal information on liability, conflicts of interest and ...

May 27, 2014

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season

Image Credit: NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released its 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season outlook and it is calling for a 50 percent chance of a below-normal season, a 40 percent chance of a near-normal season, and only a 10 percent chance of an above-normal season. NOAA’s predictions are based on the anticipated El Nino development this summer.1 Although it is predicted that the Atlantic coast will experience near-normal or below-normal hurricane season, it is best to be prepared for any category hurricane. June 1st is the official start of hurricane season and the National Weather Service (NWS) National Hurricane Center offers a plethora of resources to ensure your safety. SECOORA has a Marine Weather Portal for you to follow the predicted storm track when there is a watch/warning in effect.  Follow us on Twitter (@SECOORA) for real-time updates on storm development in the Southeast. -------------------------1

May 27, 2014

Water Quality Monitoring Station at Clam Bayou, St. Petersburg

 Image Credit: Abbey Wakely, SECOORA Five years ago, the Ocean Monitoring and Prediction Laboratory at University of South Florida’s (USF) College of Marine Science (CMS) installed an oceanographic and meteorological monitoring station in Clam Bayou, a thriving estuary near Gulfport, Florida.  This station became a component of the USF Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction Systems (COMPS). On March 5th, 2014 USF COMPS Systems Engineer, Jeffrey Scudder, and YSI Senior Applications Specialist, Mike Lizotte, upgraded the water quality instrumentation at the USF COMPS Clam Bayou Station. With the installation of this new sensor, this site will become a part of the already existing USF COMPS coastal stations that are funded by SECOORA. Mark Luther, Director of Ocean Monitoring and Prediction Lab, is the Principal Investigator for the SECOORA funded USF COMPS Coastal Stations project. The new YSI Xylem EXO2 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Monitoring sonde system measures salinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, water temperature, turbidity, chlorophyll, blue green algae, and fluorescent dissolved organic matter.  This water quality data augments the station’s wind, air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, and barometric pressure measurements.  Over Coming BiofoulingThe old water quality measurement system became extremely degraded by biofouling, a major issue in continuous coastal monitoring, and could no longer collect data.  Biofouling is the growth ...

April 10, 2014

April 2014 Newsletter

Read SECOORA's April 2014 Newsletter. Feature stories include: Glider Deployment, SECOORA Annual Meeting, and more!

March 11, 2014

Glider Released off Southeast Coast

A glider has been deployed off the Atlantic coast of Florida with the mission to detect hotspots of reef fish activity in and around marine protected areas using funding provided by NOAA’s Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC). The University of South Florida’s Teledyne Webb Research Slocum Glider is equipped with a sensor suite, including two passive acoustic recording systems developed by Loggerhead Instruments and a Vemco VMT tag receiver provided by the Ocean Tracking Network at Dalhousie University. Post-mission analysis of the passive acoustic recordings will be conducted by Loggerhead Industries.  The resulting data sets will be used to augment NOAA Fisheries SEFSC and NOAA Ocean Service (NCCOS) collaborative research on reef fish spawning aggregations and will contribute to their coral reef fish monitoring programs. The glider will travel north along the continental shelf edge using the Gulf Stream to transport it until it reaches South Carolina, where the glider will attempt to transit onshore to about the 50m isobath.  The remainder of the mission will entail traversing along shore in the Edisto and North Charleston Marine Protected Areas.  For this effort, navigation is primarily being assisted by the utilization of the regional-scale nowcast/forecast ocean modeling system developed at North Carolina State University, as ...

February 14, 2014

SECOORA Member Updates

The SECOORA Member Updates are available now. Check it out here!

February 14, 2014

SECOORA May 2014 Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars for the May 2014 Annual Meeting, May 13th - 15th. Click here for more information and how to register!

January 21, 2014

December 2013 Newsletter

Read SECOORA's December 2013 Newsletter. Feature stories include: HFR Project Award Winner, New FWC Buoy, 2014 Annual Meeting Date Announcement, and more.

November 15, 2013

December 4 – 5, 2013 Board Meeting – Members Attendance at the Meeting….

Member Attendance at December 2013 Board MeetingThe next SECOORA Board meeting is being held December 4th and 5th at the NOAA Coastal Services Center in Charleston, SC.   If you are a Member and want to sit in on the meeting please contact Megan Lee (  The Coastal Services Center is a Federal Facility that requires visitor passes for entering the complex.

September 7, 2013

SECOORA’s participation in GliderPalooza 2013

Ruoying He, North Carolina State University (NCSU) and Catherine Edwards, Skidaway Insitute of Oceanography (SKIO), University of Georgia from SECOORA are participating in the Glider Palooza for the Fall 2013 season (September - October 2013).  NCSU Glider Salacia will be equipped with CTD and Vemco instruments and SKIO Glider Modena will be equipped with a pumped CTD, Aanderaa oxygen optode, an Ecopuck triplet (CDOM, chl-a, turbdity), and a Vemco VMT receiver operating at 69 kHz. The data collected by the glider systems along with data from ocean satellites, High Frequency Radar and in-situ moorings to support an ensemble of ocean models. The tracks of Salacia and Modena can be accessed via SECOORA Data and Maps  For more information Please use this link: SECOORA's participation in Glider Palooza 2013