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March 21, 2011

SECOORA News 3/21/2011: Latest info on SECOORA Annual Meeting, IOOS, and More

Read SECOORA's March 21 Newsletter, including:In this issue:  SECOORA Annual Meeting | Staff Retreat | Marine Debris News | IOOS Updates | Florida Oceans Day | Book Announcement | Job Announcements | Coming Events

March 15, 2011

View SECOORA’s Tsunami Resource Links

Visit SECOORA's Tsunami Resource Links to find links to West Coast Regional Associations, find classroom activities, visualizations, and resource links.

March 1, 2011

SECOORA News 2/28/2011: Register now for the May Board and Members Meeting!

Read SECOORA's February 28 Newsletter, including:In this issue:  Register for Annual Meeting | IOOS News | Education Workshop Success | Articles of Interest | Coming Events

February 15, 2011

Updated News 2/15/2011: New RCOOS Manager, IOOS Budgets, and More

Read SECOORA's February 15 Newsletter, including:In this issue:  SECOORA RCOOS Manager| NFRA Meeting/Hill Visit Update | SECOORA Annual Meeting | Budget News | Oil Spill News | Job Announcement | Conference and Workshop Updates | Coming Events

February 15, 2011

SECOORA Seeks Product Development Proposals from Members

SECOORA has funds available to support Product Development efforts in the organization.   It is critical to have a process by which funds are distributed throughout our network in a fair and transparent manner. The most equitable mechanism to make these decisions is through a proposal process.  View the project focus area and proposal process SECOORA will use to distribute the currently available funds.

January 31, 2011

SECOORA News 1/31/2011: SECOORA Annual Meeting, NFRA Meetings and More

Read SECOORA's January 31 newsletter, including:In this issue: NFRA Meetings | IOOS Z-Gram | SECOORA Annual Meeting | NOAA News | NOP Seeks Comments on Strategic Action Plans | Conference and Workshop Updates | Coming Events

January 18, 2011

SECOORA News 1/18/11: Social Media, Gulf News…

Read SECOORA's January 18 newsletter, including:In this issue:  Proposal Update | SECOORA Ventures into Social Media | GCOOS Call for Nominations | Oil Spill News | Request for Proposals | Conference and Workshop Updates | Job Announcements | Coming Events

January 4, 2011

SECOORA Introduces New Ways to Explore Coastal Data and Models

SECOORA recently updated its Interactive Map to increase the usability and access to near real time observation information.  This update includes integration of bathymetry and nautical charts and expanded parameter graphing capabilities.  The interactive map includes an icon link to an email observation alert system (select a platform and click the mail icon at the bottom of the pop-up window) which allows you to sign up for a single parameter or a combination of parameters that pertain to your specific application (for example, temperature and dissolved oxygen w

January 3, 2011

Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) III Workshop: A Collaborative Success

Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) III Workshop: A Collaborative Success

December 7, 2010

SECOORA News 12/6/10: Proposals, Conferences, and More

Read SECOORA's December 6 newsletter, including:SECOORA Invited to Join SAA Proposal Writing Team | SECOORA Welcomes New Contract Support | NOAA IOOS Z-Gram | Conference and Workshop Updates | Job Announcement | Coming Events