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Operations and Maintenance Committee

Charge: To advise the SECOORA Executive Director on the best ways to achieve a sustainable ocean observing system program that addresses identified priorities in a scientifically defensible manner.   The O&M committee will strive to establish policies and procedures that are demonstrably efficient and cost effective and which establish accountability of the RCOOS program as a whole.

Initial focus areas:

  • Establish and maintain and inventory of all assets used in the ocean observing system.  Assets are defined in broad terms to encompass equipment used as well as personnel (compensated and volunteer) available to perform required tasks. 
  • Promote establishment of data monitoring services, in coordination with the DMAC/ODP.   Utilize this capability to develop data monitoring and performance strategies for the observing system.
  • Promote a concept of operations for the observing system that takes into account the multi-faceted nature of participation, funding and its users.
  • Work with systems engineers to document the state of the observing system and define efficient pathways to enhance its utility.
  • The Chair will facilitate input from the committee to provide guidance and review of proposals written on behalf of SECOORA.

(B) Signifies Board of Directors member