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Stakeholder Advisory Council

Charge: A Stakeholder Advisory Council shall be established to ensure that SECOORA is developed with regional end-user benefits in mind. Stakeholder Advisory Council members will be appointed by the SECOORA Board of Directors and will reflect the broad spectrum of coastal ocean observing system data and product users. The chairperson and other officers, as may be determined to be necessary by the Council members or the Board of Directors, will be elected by the Stakeholder Advisory Council members through an election organized by the Board Development Committee. The Council should incorporate value added industry participants. At least one member of the Board of Directors shall serve on the Stakeholder Advisory Council.  The Stakeholder Advisory Council will: 

  • Provide advice on policies
  • Identify potential new audiences for data and products
  • Provide input to improve data and products
  • Assist or advise on ways to support the activities and enhance the national and regional resources of the National Federation of Regional Associations
  • Suggest improvements on disseminating data and products
  • Provide advice on other matters as may be requested by the SECOORA Board and Committees.