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Water Level Data

Communities are facing the compound threat of storm surge, extreme rainfall, and rising water levels. Real-time water level sensors measure the height of the water and send that data back to shore to help communities with decisions related to flooding and tidal changes. Water level data are used to:

  • Plan for and respond to flood emergencies 
  • Inform resilience and adaptation strategies
  • Provide real-time hyper-local water level data 
  • Monitor coastal flooding and keep citizens informed of hazardous conditions

Southeast Regional Water Level Network

SECOORA is supporting the installation and long-term operation of ~200 new low-cost water level stations in the Southeast. This new regional water level network will enable localized flooding alerts, improve community resilience, and monitor flooding hazards.

This network is currently working to expand water level monitoring stations along the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Water level station data will soon be made available on SECOORA’s Data Portal.

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Water Level Research and News

Hyper-local tidal sensors now in use along South Carolina coast

A story on Live 5 News WCSC in South Carolina highlights the water level monitoring stations in South Carolina that keep an eye on the tide. Learn more.

Northeast North Carolina Coastal Communities Water Level Observation and Prediction System

Water-level sensors were installed in 5 locations in the North Carolina Outer Bank. The sensors wirelessly telemeter real-time water level data to make tidal predictions. Learn more.

A new network of water level sensors to be deployed in the Southeast

A news story on the Southeast Regional Water Level Network that will provide real-time high-resolution and high-frequency flood data on the projected increase in flooding. Learn more.

Funded Principal Investigator Institutions 

  • Hohonu
  • Georgia Tech
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Coastal Carolina University
  • Florida International University
  • American Shore and Beach Preservation Association