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A Collaboration of Scientists and Stakeholders

FACT is made of a diverse group of individual members and partners, including  federal, state, and local governments, academia, for-profit and not-for profit institutions, and citizen scientists. There are two ways to get engaged with FACT:

Become a Scientific Member

Scientific Member

Scientific members are data contributors and users that comprise the bulk of the network. Becoming a scientific member connects your research with the greater acoustic telemetry community and provides a platform to share expertise, knowledge and infrastructure. Plus, our meetings are always fun and we have cool shirts.

Some member benefits include:

  • Networking and collaborating with colleagues
  • Discounts on some telemetry equipment
  • Access to semi-automated cloud based data sharing (aka the FACT Node)
  • Cross-referencing of data with compatible data systems (e.g. ACT NetworkOTNMigramar)
  • Quality-controlled data products formatted for ingestion into commonly used analytical tools (e.g. GLATOS, resonATe)

How to Join

Join as a scientific member and become part of the FACT Network! Members are required to abide by our User Agreement and Data Policy.  Complete the registration form below and see our How to Get Started section for instructions on submitting data.

*The FACT Network is open to all scientists. However, if you are from a different geographic area please email We can help ensure that FACT is the most appropriate place for you, and if not, connect you to resources in your area.

Become a Partner


Partnerships are critical to helping FACT achieve its mission to improve the conservation and management of aquatic animals. Partners are those individuals and groups that support the FACT Network but are not engaged in acoustic telemetry research.

Ways to support FACT:

  • Follow us on social media
  • See our Support Us page for information on sponsorship opportunities
  • Equipment donation
  • Teach us! Tell us about your science or industry and how we can work together

How to Join

Join as a partner and become part of the FACT Network! Complete the registration form below.