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Conceived in 2007 as a means of tracking coastal fish and sea turtles in east-central Florida, the FACT Network has expanded rapidly in geographic scope and membership, and now includes state and federal wildlife agencies, universities, not-for-profit and private marine research organizations operating throughout east Florida, Georgia, the Bahamas and Caribbean.

FACT partners have acoustic receivers deployed along a continuum of habitats including tidal rivers, estuaries, ocean inlets, the surf zone, as well as offshore coral reefs and wrecks. And the number of tagged animals continues to grow with >5000 individuals from 83 species released to date.

The image to the right depicts the growth of the FACT Network from 2007 through 2017. Yellow dots represent FACT Network tracking stations (receivers).

Watch us grow!

FACT Network Growth

The number of active acoustic receivers in the FACT Network by year. The current year will continue to grow throughout the year as FACT members contribute data to our Node.

FACT Steering Committee

We are delighted to welcome our first Steering Committee. The purpose of the FACT Network Steering Committee is to create a strategic plan, make sure activities align with the the strategic plan, resolve conflicts, provide guidance on funding and research opportunities for FACT members, and streamline FACT Network management tasks. 

Joy Young
Florida FWC

Vice Chair
Beth Bowers
Florida Atlantic University

Robert Ellis
Florida FWC

Naomi Tress
Ocean Tracking Network

Sarah Webb
South Florida Water Management District