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FACT Network


The FACT Network is a grassroots collaboration of marine scientists using acoustic telemetry and other technologies to better understand and conserve our region’s important fish and sea turtle species. The FACT Network originated as the Florida Atlantic Coast Telemetry Network but has since grown to include partners from the Bahamas to the Carolinas (and is growing everyday) and is now know simply as the FACT Network.

Where We Work

Our Purpose

  • Expand the Scale and Cost Effectiveness of Behavioral Studies Through Partnerships and Data Sharing
  • Encourage New Projects and Student Involvement with an Inclusive Research Atmosphere
  • Communicate Findings to Policy Makers and the Public to Guide Coastal Management Decisions

FACT By the Numbers

 93 Member Organizations and 283 Members 
94 Species Studied 
5,700+ Animals Tagged
1500+ Tracking Stations
30+ Publications

A Whole Lot of Detections   

1 FACT Network 


FACT in Action

Watch the below video to see FACT Network members in action tagging Tripletail in the Gulf of Mexico and collecting genetic samples.


  • Got R or data analysis questions? Check out Ocean Tracking Network’s Data Study Hall on Thursdays at 1pm eastern! Email for a participation link!
  • Congrats to Jonathan Rodemann from FIU for being the recipient of the Munson Award from SECOORA and FACT! See the story here