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Image Credit: Bryant Turffs

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The Florida Manta Project is the first dedicated study of Florida’s manta rays. We aim to fill knowledge gaps in their life history, identify critical habitats for protection, and quantify human impacts. We work with local and federal stakeholders to promote conservation, as well as raise awareness of threats to manta rays through our education programs.

Why This Matters

Manta rays are endangered globally, and populations are decreasing due to human-caused threats. In the shallow nearshore waters of south Florida, we see mostly small, juvenile manta rays, making this a potential nursery ground that is important to protect! Although they are listed in the Endangered Species Act in the US, we need more information to identify critical habitats for their protection. Acoustic telemetry helps us better understand long-term movement patterns and habitat use of manta rays in Florida.

Manta at Margaritaville. Image Credit: Jessica Pate


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