The FACT Network

A grassroots collaboration of marine scientists using acoustic telemetry and other technologies to better understand and conserve our region’s important fish and sea turtle species.
Image Credit: David B. Snyder

Where We Work

Coral dots are acoustic receiver deployments registered in the FACT data node from 2007 to the present. We overlap with the ACT _MATOS Network and the iTAG Network.    

FACT By the Numbers

61 Member Organizations and 302 Members

132 Species Studied

10,000+ Animals Tagged

2,600+ Tracking Stations

65+ Publications

Our Purpose

FACT Network partners collectively track tagged animals and share the data network-wide. Working together enhances our understanding of the behaviors and habitat needs of coastal fishes and sea turtles.

Expand the Scale and Cost Effectiveness of Behavioral Studies Through Partnerships and Data Sharing
Encourage New Projects and Student Involvement with an Inclusive Research Atmosphere
Communicate Findings to Policy Makers and the Public to Guide Coastal Management Decisions

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FACT in Action