SECOORA is designed by stakeholders, for stakeholders. Our members influence and guide all our endeavors to help make us a trusted source for coastal ocean information in the southeast. From North Carolina to Florida, universities, state and local agencies, volunteer groups, businesses, and more join SECOORA to set our regional coastal ocean observing priorities. Join today!

Why should I join SECOORA?

Together, SECOORA has the power to create change. Help us observe, understand, and increase awareness of the southeast coastal ocean.


As one of the 11 IOOS ocean observing systems, SECOORA helps set national priorities. Our members have a platform to voice monitoring gaps, write national observing plans, and advocate for regional needs.


SECOORA is a network of organizations, achieving success through partnership among members and other stakeholders.  We promote and leverage member initiatives. Whether writing a joint proposal, sponsoring regional projects, or acting as a convener – we are eager to work with our members to create successes.


The SECOORA community is composed of leaders in coastal ocean sciences. We host an open annual meeting, support events, and share opportunities where members can network with other professionals in the field.

View our membership flyer or Contact Megan Lee,, to become a member today!

Corporate Sponsorship

A new program by SECOORA, Corporate Sponsorship is a way to help SECOORA  expand our reach. Benefits of sponsorship include unique opportunities to:

  • influence investments in coastal and ocean observing,
  • build relationships with the coastal ocean observing community,
  • increase your brand’s visibility, and
  • empower students and the public to engage with coastal ocean data.

Learn more about corporate sponsorship today.  

Current Membership

With over 40 members, SECOORA is able to work towards our mission: observe, understand, and increase awareness of our coastal ocean. Thank you members!

Sustaining Members
$3,000 Annually

Representative: Nick Shay
Location: Florida
Date Joined: 12/5/2007

Representative: Michael Crosby
Location: Florida
Date Joined: 10/26/2015

Representative: Jim Murley
Location: Florida

Representative: Gary Mitchum
Location: Florida

Institutional Members
$1,000 Annually

Institutional Members Representative State Date Joined
Florida Atlantic University – SeaTech Manhar Dhanak FL 4/15/08
Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Kathleen O’Keife FL 1/1/08
Florida Institute of Oceanography Dr. James Garey FL 1/31/08
Florida Institute of Technology George Maul FL 1/9/08
Florida International University School of Environment, Arts and Society Jim Fourqurean FL 7/1/11
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute Dennis Hanisak FL 4/20/08
Jacksonville University Marine Science Research Institute Quinton White FL 3/17/08
North Carolina State University Ruoying He NC 2/21/08
Upton Environmental, Inc. D/B/A ROFFS™ Matthew Upton FL 1/2/08
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Marcel Reichert SC 3/19/08
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium Rick DeVoe SC 12/5/07
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography William Savidge GA 1/4/08
South Atlantic Fishery Management Council Roger Pugliese SC 7/17/07
University of Florida Peter Sheng FL 4/9/08
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Michael Piehler NC 1/15/07
University of North Carolina-Wilmington Lynn Leonard NC 12/5/07
University of South Carolina College of Arts and Sciences Ryan Rykaczewski SC 3/27/08
University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health Dwayne Porter SC 9/7/20/11
WeatherFlow Jeff Copeland VA 2/25/08
GeoOptics Conrad C. Lautenbacher
Surfline Kurt Korte CA 10/1/15
Fathom Science Jennifer Warrillow  NC  10/26/17
Ocean Tracking Network at Dalhousie University Brendal Townsend Canada 2/22/18

East Carolina University – Coastal Studies Institute

Mike Muglia NC 3/14/18

College of Charleston

Paul Sandifer SC 5/24/2019

Individual Members
$250 Annually 

Individual Members Organization State Date Joined
Rick Cole RDSea International FL 7/1/11
Clifford Merz Dialytics FL 2007
Peter Hamilton NC 10/1/17
Lisa Adams Kennesaw State University-Department of Biological and Physical Sciences GA  10/1/16
Mitchell Roffer Fishing Oceanography, Inc. FL 6/7/2018

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members Representative State Date Joined
NOAA Southeast and Caribbean Regional Team Geno Olmi SC 5/10/09
NOAA Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory Molly Baringer FL 8/2/18
U.S.G.S. John K. Joiner GA 7/14/08
NOAA Ocean Acidification Program Jennifer Bennett Mintz SC 12/4/13
NOAA National Weather Service Wilmington North Carolina Steve Pfaff NC 3/16/2018