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SECOORA is a membership organization.  Active participation of its members is core of its effectiveness. The governance structure places in the membership the ultimate authority to elect the board of directors, amend the by-laws, increase dues, and change the dues structure. The governance structure also strengthens the membership's role in setting SECOORA’s substantive and strategic directions and priorities by giving members a clear role in the organization's planning process. Finally, SECOORA's governance structure provides ample vehicles, such as program committees and working groups, through which members can coalesce, coordinate, work with and support one another.  

View our by-laws for specific details on how SECOORA is managed. 

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SECOORA board SECOORA executive committee SECOORA executive director SECOORA program coordinator Program and policy management RCOOS: science and data collection and delivery Public face: stakeholder communications program support DMAC support Communications specialist Board development committee science committee E&O committee Governance committee Ops & Maintenance committee Stakeholder Advisory Council Public policy committee DMAC committee Finance committee DMAC execution, observation, operations and modeling