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Strategic Plan

Below is an outline of the SECOORA Strategic Plan for 2016-2021. The SECOORA Board adopted the plan May 2016. This document guides SECOORA’s tasks for the next 5 years.

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SECOORA’s mission is to observe, understand, and increase awareness of our coastal ocean; promoting knowledge, economic and environmental health through strong regional partnerships.

5-Year Vision

SECOORA is the recognized leader, valued partner, and go to source for coastal ocean information in the southeast.

Core Values

We believe in…

Scientific integrity, technical excellence, and innovation
Active stewardship of coastal ocean ecosystems
Inclusive and collaborative partnerships
Science based discovery and decision-making
Positive and supportive SECOORA working environments
Accessible useful information for addressing societal needs
Leadership in costal ocean science

Strategic Priority Goals

1. Increase exposure and broaden usage of SECOORA’s information and products
2. Utilize a prioritized science justified ocean observing system plan to guide & inform decision-making and implementation
3. Expand partnerships including membership and stakeholders
4. Engage & inform students and the public in ocean observing
5. Improve SECOORA’s organizational capabilities