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Certification: Confirming SECOORA Meets the Gold Standard for Data

SECOORA is certified by NOAA as a Regional Information Coordination Entity. This confirms data coming from SECOORA adheres to common federal collection, storage and management standards. In other words, it can be integrated with other data, and help make “big data” research and development possible. Click here for certification documents.

The data served by SECOORA are of the same high quality as those served by the federal government. Certification ensures that data are consistent and reliable.

Data served through SECOORA are quality-checked and archived with NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Information for long-term storage and access.

The regional structure promotes  coordination and collaboration at the regional level, and ensures stable and long-lasting organizations.

Data products address the specific needs of regional users while conforming to national standards and requirements.

Certification confirms that SECOORA provides federal quality data from the water, to the user, and to the archive. It allows us to create regional impacts with national data management consistency.

“Completing the certification process allows all users to directly benefit from these great resources and strengthens the relationship between regional and national interests.” said U.S. IOOS director Carl G. Gouldman.

Five Benefits of Certification

Why does certification matter? Below are just 5 of the ways that certification difference:

  1. Users have confidence in the data served by SECOORA
  2. Certification enhances efficient interagency coordination.
  3. Federal agencies rely on SECOORA to access non-federal data and to disseminate integrated data on a regional level.
  4. Researchers and others can work with SECOORA to fulfill data management requirements of publicly-funded grants.
  5. Certification provides liability protection for SECOORA.

Next Steps

Certification opens doors for greater collaborations. SECOORA’s data management expertise and capacity provides a solid foundation to support member and stakeholder efforts – private, local, state or federal – to develop products and services for decision makers.

We can help ensure your data meets federal data sharing and archiving requirements, enabling the broad impact from collected data. Contact us today!