SECOORA Funding Opportunities

Student Opportunity: Vembu Subramanian Ocean Scholars Award

Apply today for the Vembu Subramanian Ocean Scholars award! Do not miss the opportunity to receive $2,500 in travel support to present your research at a conference. Proposals are due May 15, 2020 (extended).

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Student Opportunity: Examine How Temperature Affects Fish Movement Patterns in South Florida

SECOORA and the FACT Network are partnering to sponsor a graduate student to examine how temperature affects fish movement patterns in south Florida marine ecosystems. Proposals are due May 15, 2020 (extended) and the award value is $12,800. 

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SECOORA 2020 Data Challenge: Using High Frequency Radar to Meet User Needs

SECOORA is asking students and early career professionals to explain the importance of high frequency radar (HFR) and create tools that use archived SECOORA HFR data. There are two $3500 prizes.  Proposals are due May 15, 2020 (extended).

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SECOORA Preparing for the Next US IOOS 5-year proposal

SECOORA is starting to prepare for the next 5-year NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing System proposal. The proposal will cover the period 2021-2026 and the anticipated due date is October 2020. Read more to learn about the request for nominations for the Comprehensive Review Panel, schedule, Letter of Intent (LOI) process, and LOI review criteria. 

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LOI Solicitation