November 22, 2017

Funding Opportunities

NERRS Science Collaborative

The Science Collaborative is currently soliciting proposals for one-year collaborative science catalyst grants. Catalyst grants support activities that advance collaborative science by: facilitating the development of new, collaborative science ideas; amplifying or enhancing existing collaborative research; or synthesizing NERRS System Wide Monitoring Program (SWMP) data for a regional or national application. All proposals must adopt an end user driven approach and meet a reserve management need. Applicants may draw on both the social sciences and physical/natural sciences to meet the goals of this RFP.

The Science Collaborative is interested in funding a variety of catalyst projects with awards ranging between $75,000 and $250,000 for these one-year projects. Budgets of $250,000 are expected to be most appropriate for multi-reserve projects.

Required LOI Due: December 8, 2017
Full Proposal Due: February 21, 2018

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FY 2018 Coastal and Ocean Modeling Testbed (COMT) Project

The U.S. IOOS Program is seeking to fund projects, which advance new or existing solutions that address long standing and emerging coastal modeling and forecast product development challenges. The projects will be focused on models, tools or products for which there are demonstrated operators and end users. Funding will be targeted to models, tools or products that are sufficiently mature for evaluation and transition to long term operations. This announcement specifically funds activities needed to progress through the transitional stages from research toward full operations such as system integration, testing, validation, and verification. Projects are also expected to participate in and advance the operation of the U.S. IOOS COMT under a community modeling environment.

Total estimated funding for all awards is up to $2 million per year from the U.S. IOOS Program. Multiple awards are anticipated, subject to availability of funds, in amounts up to $300,000 per year for up to three years. The number of awards is anticipated to range from approximately three (3) to five (5), and will be adjusted based on availability of funds. Proposals not funded in the current fiscal period may be considered for funding in the next fiscal period (Fiscal Year 2019) without NOAA repeating the competitive process outlined in this announcement.

Full Proposal Due: January 19, 2018

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 FY 18 Coral Reef Conservation Program, Domestic Coral Reef Conservation Grants

The NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Grant Program, 16 USC §§ 6401-6409, provides matching grants of financial assistance through the Domestic Coral Reef Conservation Grant program to institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations, and local (as defined at 2 CFR § 200.64, which includes counties, municipalities, and cities) and Indian tribal government agencies. These awards are intended to support coral reef conservation projects in shallow water coral reef ecosystems, including reefs at mesophotic depths, in American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Florida, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and coral-dominated banks in the U.S. portions of the Gulf of Mexico. Projects may be proposed in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and the U.S. Pacific Remote Island Areas, but these locations are not considered geographic priorities under this announcement. Proposals submitted to this competition must address at least one of the following four categories: 1) Fishing Impacts; 2) Land-Based Sources of Pollution; 3) Climate Change; and 4) Local and Emerging Management Issues.

Full Proposal Due: February 1, 2018

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FY19 National Sea Grant College Program Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship

The Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship provides a unique educational and professional experience to graduate students who have an interest in ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources and in the national policy decisions affecting those resources. The Fellowship, named after one of Sea Grant’s founders, former NOAA Administrator, John A. Knauss, matches highly qualified graduate students with “hosts” in the legislative and executive branch of government located in the Washington, D.C. area, for a one year paid fellowship.

Full Proposal Due: April 6, 2018

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