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January 20, 2020

Axiom Data Science selected to provide Data Management and Communication services for 2021-2026

SECOORA is pleased to announce that Axiom Data Science will continue as the SECOORA data management and communication (DMAC) provider for the 2021-2026 period.  Axiom was selected to provide ongoing DMAC services through the SECOORA Request for Quotes process

Since 2015, Axiom has been working with SECOORA providing expertise data management for real-time and historic coastal and ocean data.  In this time, Axiom has worked to build a SECOORA Data Portal and Data Catalog that provides access to ocean and coastal environmental data products for the entire Southeast region. Axiom works closely with SECOORA partners to assure that the data portal meets user needs.

Building on this record of DMAC success with SECOORA, Axiom will continue to enhance and improve the data quality, interoperability, and accessibility of the SECOORA data portal during the 2021-2026 period.  As the DMAC partner, Axiom will provide technical support to end-users, and continue to ensure data management systems are compliant with IOOS DMAC requirements.  Additionally, Axiom will foster and support the entire lifecycle of data, from collection to operational use, by developing automated quality control tests, providing access to current and real-time data, and archiving of curated data sets.  Axiom will also be able to provide stakeholder-driven data products and tools making them easily available through web-based public portals.

Among some of the products already developed by Axiom are the SECOORA WebCAT tool (, an interactive site for browsing live and historical footage from regional webcams; the Hurricane Tool (, where the user can explore real-time and historical hurricane tracks and environmental conditions. 

SECOORA is excited to continue working with the Axiom team for the next 5-year period.