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Ride the wave and surf SECOORA wave resources. Learn about common terminology and concepts for waves below.

Wave Glossary

Waves are repeating and periodic disturbances that travel through a medium (e.g. water) from one location to another location. SECOORA created a handy online glossary to help students learn the most common scientific words heard in reference to waves. Explore the glossary.

Wave Fact Sheet

Learn about wave energy, wave breaks and the basic parts of a wave.
Wave Fact Sheet PDF

Wave Fact Sheet Word Document

Wave Size and Depth

Use the classroom activity to investigate how deep the energy of a wave goes and the relationship between the size of a wave and depth of wave energy.

Wave Size and Depth PDF

Wave Size and Depth Word Document

Wind Waves

Use the classroom activity to investigate the factors affecting wind waves.

Wind Waves PDF

Wind Waves Word Document