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SECOORA established a regional glider network in 2016 to gather data on shelf circulation and water properties in the South Atlantic Bight. Regular glider deployments will occur at multiple locations off Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Sensors on the gliders will allow the team to map temperature, salinity, density, dissolved oxygen and other scientific data. 

Click here to access active and historical glider data.

Glider News and Resources

Hurricane Gliders: Improving Tropical Storm Intensity Forecasts with Real Time Data

Learn how researchers are deploying gliders in the Southeast during hurricane season are providing valuable data for hurricane intensity modeling. Watch the webinar.

Underwater Glider Collects Data to Study Red Tide Bloom Dynamics off Gulf Coast of Florida

Read how a glider was diligently collecting water property data off the coast of Palm Harbor, FL for 12 days.  Data collected by the glider will be incorporated in model simulations to better understand red tide bloom occurrence.  Learn more.

Glider Data Assembly Center

Access glider data from across the US in one location! The IOOS Glider Data Assembly Center allows users to visualize the glider data and download it for analyzation. All data is archived at the National Centers for Environmental Information. Access data.

SECOORA Glider Principal Investigators

  • University of Georgia Skidaway of Institute of Oceanography
  • University of South Florida College of Marine Science
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Marine Sciences
  • Georgia Institute of Technology

Header image is credited to University of South Florida College of Marine Science.