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Lesson 3: Virtual Wetland Exploration

Using virtual reality technology, visit several coastal wetland sites along the Georgia coast and evaluate the quality of each site. This part of Lesson 3 of the “Virtual Exploration of Georgia’s Coastal Wetlands”.

To explore the wetland using this web based version of the virtual reality tour, click and drag the image until you see “Enter Here”. Click the door to enter the virtual wetland and have fun!

About the Curriculum

“Virtual Exploration of Georgia’s Coastal Wetlands” is a curriculum designed to connect 6th and 7th grade students to the coast from right inside their classrooms. The curriculum features a Virtual Reality (VR) experience at the center of a 5-lesson study of salt marsh ecology, human impacts on the environment, natural hazards, and resiliency. The curriculum will empower students to become better stewards of coastal ecosystems and watershed resources.

Click here to access the curriculum.