Data & Maps

SECOORA researchers are developing a comprehensive data portal to provide discovery of, access to, and metadata about coastal ocean observations in the southeast US.  Below are various ways to access the currently available data.


New Data Portal launched on May 19, 2016. Please "Pardon our Dust" as we transition our services to the new data portal.

Explore Real-Time Data

Access near real-time observation information from SECOORA buoys, land and shore stations. From this Interactive Map you can also query and graph data and set up email alerts.

Explore Model Data

Modelling efforts from across the SECOORA region as well as Global Models. Model variables include Salinity, Ocean Height, Water Temperature and Currents.

Real-time Data Alerts

Sign up to receive alerts for your preferred parameters from individual observing stations.


Marine Weather Portal

The Marine Web Portal provides marine observations, forecasts and short and long-fuse warnings for the coastal waters of North Carolina, South Carolina and northern Georgia and the Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas of the Southern Region

Biological Habitat/Physical data GIS Viewer

View multiple complex data sets and real-time observations. Data types include coral reefs, essential fish habitats, real time and near real time datasets, bathymetry, and other habitats that play crucial roles in the well being of fish and invertebrates.

Explore MARMAP and FIM Data

SECORA IOOS Biological Project/ERDDAP Instance:Access to Florida Fish and WildLife Research Institute FWRI, Fisheries Independent Monitoring (FIM), and MARMAP data (MARMAP Chevron Trap Species Collections and FIM trawl surveys Taxa: Fish, Shrimp, others.)

Beach Water Quality Model

Predictive modeling project to aid in the beach swimming advisory for an area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Automated ensemble of models which utlize various near real time data sources from buoys to rainfall radar.

SECOORA Climatology

SECOORA CLIMATOLOGY tool where you can view and download historical temperature and salinity data from SECOORA buoys as well as model results.

Download Data

Access the latest real-time and historical data from SECOORA assets in a variety of file types and feed formats.


SECOORA Data Partners

View organizations, companies, or institutions that are SECOORA partners in data integration and access.