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Coastal Stations and Moorings

Image: University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Coastal Ocean Research and Monitoring Program

In-situ technology – buoys, metrological and coastal stations – are the real time eyes on the water. Mariners need to know the true local conditions before heading out. Data from these stations are used to:

  • improve marine weather forecasts and models
  • increase accuracy for storm track and storm surge inundation
  • support scientific research
  • issue marine warnings

To explore SECOORA supported coastal stations and moorings, see the map below.

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Coastal Stations and Moorings News and Resources

2021 Data Challenge

SECOORA is asking students and early career professionals to create tools that uses SECOORA buoy and/or shore station data. There are two $3,500 prizes. Deadline to submit is March 12, 2021. Read more.

Text a Buoy

Need quick access to your favorite buoy data? Get that data delivered directly to your phone by text message. Send a text message to (843) 603-8559 with the station “key” from this table. This is a free service from SECOORA. Standard message rates from your carrier may apply. Find your favorite buoy.

Buoy Data

Boating off the coasts of West Florida or the Carolinas? Before going out on the water, access real time marine weather data from buoys and coastal stations.

Project Principal Investigators

  • University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  • University of South Florida College of Marine Science
  • University of Georgia
  • RDSEA International, Inc.