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Take your students by storm using SECOORA hurricane resources! Explore common terminology and concepts for hurricanes.

Hurricane Glossary

Hurricanes are large, swirling storms that are prominent in the Southeast United States.  SECOORA created a handy online glossary that helps students learn the most common scientific words heard in reference to hurricanes.

Make a Barometer

A barometer is an instrument used to measure air pressure. The Make a Barometer education resource is a Grades 6-8 classroom activity which poses the question, “How do scientists use pressure changes to predict the arrival or strengthening of a storm?”
Make a Barometer PDF

Make a Barometer Word Document

Surge of the Storm

A storm surge is a mound of ocean water that moves ashore with a hurricane.  It is caused by high winds of a hurricane pushing on the ocean’s surface and the low pressure at the hurricane’s center.  The Surge of the Storm education resource is a Grades 5-12 classroom activity which poses the question, “How does the storm surge of a hurricane affect the low-lying areas along the coast?” It includes web references and related material.

Surge of the Storm PDF

Surge of the Storm Word Document

Learn more about storm surge in this NOAA National Hurricane Center “Introduction to Storm Surge” education resource.