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March 31, 2016

IOOS, SECOORA, and USF Hosting Two NOAA Hollings Interns

SECOORA is growing over the summer! IOOS, SECOORA and University of South Florida (USF) are hosting two NOAA Hollings interns in Florida.

Under the co-mentorship of Jay Law at USF and Vembu Subramanian of SECOORA, the undergraduate students will learn the importance of coastal ocean observing.

Julianna Diehl, Maine Maritime Academy, will be working with the USF Ocean Circulation Group gaining hands-on experience setting up instrumentation, outfitting moorings for deployment, and creating cruise and dive plans. In June, Juliana will be executing those plans as Chief Scientist on board the R/V Weatherbird II during an annual mooring maintenance cruise.

Andrew Reid, East Carolina University, will be working on a project to execute a three-four week deployment of state of the art ocean acidification sensors on an existing ocean-atmosphere research mooring in the Gulf of Mexico. Utilizing the USF Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction System field program funded by SECOORA, Andrew will assist and take a lead role in the planning, execution and recovery of pH and Dissolved Inorganic Carbon sensors. 

Stay tuned for more updates from the interns!


Image Credit: Jay Law, USF CMS