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Classroom Activities

SECOORA is dedicated to promoting knowledge of coastal ocean observing through accessible resources and student opportunities.  Whether a teacher, student, or interested individual we have something for you. Explore ocean observing classroom activities below.

NEW: Water Shapes Our Planet and Our Lives 4th Grade Curriculum

Explore a new comprehensive fourth grade, virtual-learning science unit on the water cycle, weather, climate, and natural processes that shape the Earth’s coasts and communities.

This virtual science unit with a hands-on component provides a unique experience where students explore local weather, discover and craft tools used by scientists to collect weather data, and evaluate long-term trends recorded by climate scientists.

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Hurricane Resources

Take your students by storm using SECOORA hurricane resources.

Explore common terminology and concepts for hurricanes.


Ride the wave and surf SECOORA wave resources. 

Learn about common terminology and concepts for waves.


Basic Observation Buoy (BOB) is a floating platform with capacity to carry a suite of environmental sensors. BOB can be moored to bottom or to a dock in quiet waters. 

Learn how to take the hands on application to the classroom.

Sea Level Rise Curriculum

This curriculum is designed for middle school students to create data visualizations of sea level rise with real data.

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