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January 3, 2023

Partnering for Coastal Community Monitoring Programs

SECOORA is collaborating with community partners and working alongside historically underrepresented groups in the establishment of coastal community monitoring programs and decision-support tools.

An example is a partnership with the Rosemont Community in South Carolina. SEOORA partners are utilizing water level sensors, air quality sensors, and web cameras to produce data and sound science to “make noise” to address Rosemont Community’s quality of life concerns (flyer).

In December 2023, SECOORA Board members participated in a field trip to learn about SECOORA efforts with the Rosemont Community in South Carolina. Pictured is William Savidge, SECOORA Board Member (right), with Omar Muhammad, Executive Director of Lowcountry Alliance for Model Communities (left). Omar is showcasing the technology installed as part of Rosemont Community’s Flood Watch project.