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February 7, 2020

SECOORA Preparing for the Next US IOOS 5-year proposal

At the December 2020 SECOORA Board of Directors meeting, the Board finalized the process SECOORA will use to develop the next 5-year NOAA Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) proposal. The proposal will cover the period 2021-2026 and the anticipated due date is October 2020. Details on the schedule, Letter of Intent (LOI) process, and LOI review criteria is available here

SECOORA IOOS Proposal Development Process

The 2020 SECOORA IOOS proposal development process will include a two-part LOI review: Subject Matter Expert reviews and a Comprehensive Review Panel.

Subject Matter Experts will conduct the initial review and scoring of SECOORA LOIs in June 2020.

The Comprehensive Review Panel will be composed of 5 non-conflicted experts (same process as last IOOS proposal development). They will receive all of the LOIs and Subject Matter Expert reviews and will ultimately determine which LOIs are part of the SECOORA IOOS proposal.

Requesting Nominations: Comprehensive Review Panel

SECOORA is requesting nominations for the Comprehensive Review Panel. Please submit nominations of qualified individuals to Jennifer Dorton (, by 5PM EDT on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. Qualified individuals should be familiar with SECOORA and IOOS activities.  Additionally, nominees should have knowledge of coastal and ocean processes and/or ecosystems, ocean and coastal monitoring/observing, modeling and analysis of related data and information, or stakeholder needs for such data and information. 

A brief description of the nominee’s expertise should be included in the email. A curriculum vitae or resume may also be attached. Nominees should not be anyone planning to be included as a funded partner in the SECOORA proposal.

Letters of Intent

All those interested in partnering with SECOORA in the 2020 IOOS proposal are strongly encouraged to begin planning their response to our upcoming solicitation for LOIs, which we anticipate will be released in March 2020. Click here to learn more.