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June 12, 2023

Seeking: Surface Elevation Table Coordinator

SECOORA is seeking a Surface Elevation Table (SET) Coordinator to join our team. The SET Coordinator will play a vital role in coordinating  coastal marsh elevation monitoring in the region.

The responsibilities of the SET Coordinator include developing an inventory of existing SETs, conducting a gap analysis, and fostering a SET Community of Practice (CoP). SETs are used to measure changes in wetland elevation, particularly in coastal marshes, and help assess the impact of sea-level rise on these ecosystems.

The successful candidate should have experience working within a diverse network, the ability to work independently and as part of a team, strong analytical and organizational skills, and excellent communication abilities. Knowledge of wetland ecology, coastal hydrodynamics, and basic statistical approaches for analyzing environmental data is desired.

The position is an initial one-year contract or grant, with the potential for an extension based on performance. The budget for the opportunity ranges between $70,000 and $89,000 for the two-year period, depending on qualifications and skills. Additional funds of $100,000 are available for the installation of SETs and the development of a regional database in the second year.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply by submitting the required application materials, including a cover letter, resume, and professional references, no later than August 4, 2023 (extended).

Click here for PDF of job opportunity.