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July 24, 2020

Student funded to research the effects of temperature, habitat, and prey resources on fish movement in South Florida

Congratulations to Jonathan Rodemann (pictured right) from Florida International University for being awarded the SECOORA and the FACT Network fisheries research grant.

Jonathan Rodemann’s project will evaluate how habitat disturbances are affecting recreationally important fish species communities in north central Florida Bay. Funding for this project, Abiotic effects on movement of Spotted Seatrout and Grey Snapper in response to a seagrass die-off, will enable Rodemann to establish a network of 24 temperature loggers needed to measure fine-scale temperature variability across two areas (figure 2).  Additionally, Rodemann will tag 12 Spotted Seatrout and 12 Grey Snapper to track their movements and determine if temperature is affecting habitat use.

“I am really excited about receiving the SECOORA / FACT Network student award. Let’s go study how temperature affects fish movement in South Florida!” – Jonathan Rodemann from Florida International University

The funding for this award is provided through the generosity of our donors, The Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation, Ocean Tracking Network, Innovasea, the SECOORA Education and Outreach Committee, and many individual donors.