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New Interactive, Virtual Curriculum Available for Fourth Graders

The curriculum, Water Shapes Our Planet and Our Lives, provides a unique, hands-on experience where students explore local weather, discover and create tools used by scientists to collect weather data, and evaluate long-term trends recorded by climate scientists. Each lesson is designed as an online teaching resource for both educators and curious learners. 

Sea Level Rise Curriculum

Coastal communities are experiencing an increase in coastal flooding due to storms, king tides, and sea level rise. Educating students on these issues is not only a great science and math exercise, it increases informed-decision making on adapting to climate change-related trends. Educators from Georgia Institute of Technology created a curriculum for middle school students … Continue reading “Sea Level Rise Curriculum”

Now Open: 2021 Vembu Subramanian Ocean Scholars Award

SECOORA is continuing Vembu’s legacy by sponsoring the annual Ocean Scholars Award.  There will be two awards this year: an undergraduate and other (for graduate students and early career professionals), each in the amount of $1,250. The funds are to be used to support recipients’ participation in a virtual or in-person regional, national, or international meeting or conference.  Proposals are due March 12, 2021, 5:00 PM ET.

Water Shapes Our Planet and Our Lives

SECOORA is proud to announce the winner of our curriculum request for proposals; Katy Smith from the University of Georgia Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant. The project, Water Shapes Our Planet and Our Lives, will construct a comprehensive fourth grade, virtual-learning science unit on the water cycle, weather, climate and natural processes that shape the Earth’s coasts and communities.

Coastal Hazards and Climate Variability

The southeast experiences severe weather and climate related events that can cause significant hardships for the economic, environmental, and social well-being of residents and visitors. SECOORA focuses on researching climate variability and improving coastal hazard resilience by: Operating buoys and coastal stations to provide data to improve the accuracy of hurricane and marine weather forecasts … Continue reading “Coastal Hazards and Climate Variability”

Classroom Activities

SECOORA is dedicated to promoting knowledge of coastal ocean observing through accessible resources and student opportunities.  Whether a teacher, student, or interested individual we have something for you. Explore ocean observing classroom activities below. NEW: Water Shapes Our Planet and Our Lives 4th Grade Curriculum Explore a new comprehensive fourth grade, virtual-learning science unit on … Continue reading “Classroom Activities”

Meet 2020 NOAA Hollings Scholar – Natalie Murphy

Through the NOAA Hollings Scholar program, US Integrated Ocean Observing System, SECOORA and Coastal Studies Institute (CSI) are hosting Natalie Murphy this summer. Natalie will be working on Ocean Energy and Observing communications with CSI, located on the North Carolina Outer Banks. Due to COVID-19, Natalie is taking on a virtual Hollings Scholar experience. Mentors for this experience at CSI are Drs. John McCord and Mike Muglia.