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April 1, 2019

Apply Now for the Vembu Subramanian Ocean Scholars Award

Apply today to be the next Vembu Subramanian Ocean Scholar! This year’s award value has increased a thousand dollars to $3500 (thank you to all the generous donors!).


The award will be provided to one undergraduate student, graduate student, or early career professional to support their research and to offer travel support to present at a regional or national meeting or conference.

All proposals must be relevant to a SECOORA focus area.

Who can apply?

An eligible applicant is any student or early career professional studying or working at a SECOORA member organization.

Proposals are due May 24, 2019. Visit the website for more information.

2018 Vembu Subramanian Ocean Scholar 

Meet the first winner of the Vembu Subramanian Ocean Scholar Award, Laura McGee from North Carolina State University by clicking here. The award allowed her to present her research, Determining Hurricane-Induced CO2 Flux in the South Atlantic Bight, at two conferences.