Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: Accessing and Advancing Ocean Observing through SECOORA's Redesigned Website and Branding

SECOORA is excited to unveil our redesigned website and new logo. With our updated tagline, ‘Delivering Data for Decisions,’  this transformation reflects our ongoing commitment to fostering trusted, reliable access to coastal ocean observing data.

December 20, 2023

This initiative not only enhances our communication strategies, but also positions us strategically for the future, aligning with the evolving needs of coastal communities and a thriving blue economy. Every click is an invitation to explore, learn, and engage with the wealth of data and resources we have to offer.

Strategic Interface for Enhanced Data and Information Access

Our new website features a user-friendly interface with streamlined access to data and information. Rigorously tested by users, it guarantees that you’ll find the data and information you need. We remain dedicated to the principles of providing accessible and free data, ensuring that valuable information is accessible to everyone.

Strong Relationships, Friendliness, and Trust at the Core

At the heart of our website’s design is SECOORA’s commitment to fostering friendly, trusted, and collaborative relationships. The interface prominently showcases our partnerships, commitment to the next generation, and efforts to empower communities with data-driven decision-making.

Renewed Appearance and Improved Messaging 

The redesigned website introduces a visually appealing interface seamlessly integrating our new sand-to-sea color palette. These colors not only symbolize our commitment to delivering data from the coast to the ocean, but also signify the expansion of our work in service of diverse communities through creation of a user-friendly space for all seeking information.

We collaborated with our community to define our new messaging, articulating SECOORA’s guiding beliefs:

  • Scientific integrity: We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of data collection and processing. We are a certified Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System and our data is held to NOAA’s robust standards.
  • Available, accessible, and free: We ensure observing data that is vital to safeguarding coastal ocean ecosystems and communities is available, accessible, and free for everyone.
  • No one does it alone: We facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge sharing to advance science and technology, and drive inclusive, science-driven solutions.
  • Community driven innovation: We utilize emerging technologies to provide the data and information that coastal communities need to thrive in a changing world and build a flourishing blue economy.
  • Active coastal ocean stewardship: By sharing our data freely and facilitating communications and collaborations we support science-based decisions for improved management of our shared coastal ocean.

In summary, our new website is our commitment to advancing coastal and ocean observing, promoting resilience, and creating space where knowledge flows freely and decisions are informed.

New Logo

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