Workshop: Water Levels in the Southeast

The in-person workshop: “Water Levels in the Southeast: Understanding Sensors, Tools, Products, and Gaps" took place June 13-15, 2023 in Jacksonville, FL.

February 16, 2023

Over 60 representatives from eleven federal and state agencies, four private companies, and nine academic institutions met in Jacksonville, FL to talk water levels in the Southeast on June 15-17, 2023. The workshop purpose was to:

  • understand the variety of water level sensors in use, water level station locations, programs, and uses in the Southeast;
  • learn about specific online data and stakeholder tools; and
  • document priority locations for additional sensors.

Panel and lightening talks allowed participants the chance to learn about federal, state, and NGO approaches to water level data collection. Breakout sessions allowed participants the chance to learn about specific water level sensors and tools and products for processing or displaying data. The workshop ended with attendees identifying priority locations for installing water levels sensors in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Stay tuned for a workshop report!  Workshop was hosted by SECOORA and NOAA Center for Operational Oceanographic Products and Services (CO-OPS).

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Lightning Talks: Demos of Equipment and Technical Procedures

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