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September 24, 2020

Request for Proposals to Fill Regional Product and Observational Gaps

SECOORA is soliciting proposals focused on filling product and/or observational gaps defined in the Regional Coastal Ocean Observing System Strategic Operational Plan 2020 – 2025.  This document presents the SECOORA priorities for contributing to our improved understanding, management, and stewardship of valuable coastal ocean resources. It serves as a guide for future investments in SECOORA’s regional coastal ocean observing system (RCOOS) and is based on the needs of the region and the ability to make significant progress in priority areas. 

SECOORA is seeking projects that:

  • Fill priority gaps in the RCOOS Plan
  • Address at least one of the SECOORA focus areas: Coastal Hazards and Climate Variability; Ecosystems, including Water Quality and Living Marine Resources; and, Marine Operations
  • Can be completed in a one year timeframe

Total funds available are $170,000.  SECOORA intends to award between 2 and 4 proposals.  Proposals are due November 30, 2020 at 5 PM ET.

Click here to read the full Request for Proposals.


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